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I really enjoyed this project and I spent a lot of time making it. I think I had a good advantage with this project because I used a personal perspective of my own and I used personal pictures. That is also a disadvantage though, because my aunt ended up passing away from breast cancer recently and I used the photos I had of her, so making the video and having to watch it over and over again was really difficult and it made me sad a lot, but I was trying to incorporate sad. I have a lot of personal experience with breast cancer, I have had a lot of family members diagnosed with it, and I think that is why I was so passionate about this topic. At the beginning of this class when you first told us about the three projects, I already knew what my topic was going to be as soon as you mentioned it.  There were a lot of times when I thought about changing my topic, I even thought about it half way through my video, but I am really happy with the outcome. I really enjoyed this English class. I am not really good at English with writing or reading, and I am glad that I ended up doing so well in this class. I likes that we didn’t just do paper after paper. I think that you are a wonderful teacher and that you do your best at teaching us what we need to know while keeping us interested and having fun.


“How Can I Stop My Aunt from Refusing Cancer Treatment?” Web. 02 Apr.

                2012. <;.

This is one of my sources that I used for my project, but I also found it on the internet. It is directed toward my audience (family members) because it is about a family member herself. She is asking people on the internet for information about how to stop her Aunt, who was diagnosed with breast cancer, from refusing treatment. This goes perfect with my project, because that is what I am trying to make a change of. Family members should not be worrying about how do I get them to change their decision, or how do I get my point across for what I want to do. It is not their decision and their point does not matter. What most people wrote back to her, was that she was being bias and that ultimately it was her aunts decision and she should be there for her. No one wants to experience loss from someone they love, but they are going to have to either way.

This video project is very interesting, and it is turning out harder than I expected. I thought it would be simple and easy, but I have put a lot of work into it. It definitely makes me appreciate doing the annotated bibliographies, because it becomes so much easier to cite everything and it makes it so much easier to go back and to find the information I need from a specific source, so I am glad I got the opportunity to do portfolio two. At first I thought portfolio two was going to be no help at all, I hated portfolio two, but now that I am actuallyin portfolio three, I am glad we did two. It is helping so much! 

When Pink was just a Color ( ) This video inspires me because it is on the same topic as my project and it is the kind of video I want to pursue. It reaches out to an audience and it informs about the topic of breast cancer, but it also brings everyone back to a point when they say “when pink was just color” because it reminds people that this disease has not been this big ever. It was rare to get diagnosed with breast cancer up until the 1990s. But I like how they used music to express what they wanted to say in the video.

Have I ever used something from the internet in an unethical way? Yes. Honestly, I think everyone in one way or another will. It is just natural to use and take things from the internet. I do not think copyright laws work well for the internet. People still find ways to get free music, movies, books, etc. When people generally get on the internet, most of what they do is unethical but it is so natural because no one is ever taught that it is wrong and not many people are seriously punished for saving images off of a computer. Most people realize it is a crime, but when people hear crime, they think am I going to go down for saving a picture or is that guy going down for murder? Copyright laws for the internet are not as expressed as everything else or enforced. If it is not enforced, then people will do what they want. If murdering someone was barley punishable, wouldn’t their be a higher murder rate in the U.S.? The less enforced, the less important to abide by. I think things should only be aloud to be copyrighted for a small amount of years and then opened up to the public like it was in the past. What is the point of putting something on the internet if people cannot use it?

This post is about a news article I read about Hoke county and it relates back to my portfolio 1. Hoke County is getting two hospitals under agreements. This article made me excited to read it. In my interview I talked to a lady who lives in Hoke county and who is also a health professional. We discussed how hard it is for people from hoke county to receive medical care because there is simply no access in hoke county to any emergency medical care for miles into fayetteville and people generally cannot make it out that far. Not only is hoke county getting a hospital, it is getting two; both with an emergency room, two operating rooms and a birthing center. Cape Fear Valley plans to build a 41-bed hospital on U.S. Highway 401 and FirstHealth plans to build an eight-bed hospital with a 24-hour emergency room, also on U.S. 401. This will be a great addition to the community and hopefully illness rates will decrease for the people. This also makes it easier for people in near counties who also make long drives to the Fayetteville hospital. Hoke county is generally closer and will make it easier for others to be able to access.

On campus people have been posting sticky notes in or near food places that say “Drop the soda, do some yoga”. It is kind of funny, but I think it is a good idea. People are promoting exercise and trying to get people to stray away from the sugar and fatty foods. Some people take it as a joke, but it is a fact that most people who are not in a physical activity during college usually gain more weight through out their first year experience. It is also good that people are trying to involve and persuade others to better themselves. Most people do better when they are encouraged by others or when they are following a trend, and if people make exercising and becoming healthy a trend then more and more people will join along. Coming into college is when teenagers turn into adults and metabolisms stop working. It is better to start working on your health now before it is too late, because it is always easier to keep extra weight off than gaining it and trying to get rid of it. Plus, exercising betters your health risks for later in your life. You can decrease your chances in diabetes, heart problems, and etc.

I think the strongest part of my portfolio 2 is my annotated bibliographies. I used various sources from many different point of views; I even have personal point of views. I have sources that backup each side of my argument and most of them are very objective. My weakest part for me is my review of literature. During the draft, I was juggling who my targeted audience should be and I also didn’t want to lose focus with my argument point. I guess because I had so many different sources it was hard to bring them all together and use them either with each other or against each other. All in all, my project is coming a long and I think I will be satisfied with my final product. I have a few glitches I need to work out and I have had a lot of technology difficulties through this project also, but I think my final product will be good. I could probably do better after this one, just because this is my first review of literature and annotated bibliographies, so I do not expect this project to be my best work, but it will be an attempt though.

For this week, I read an article related to my research topic. The Susan G Komen Foundation spent $342 million for research grants and money to spend toward local organizations affiliated with the annual race for the cure. Many health professionals comment about how helpful the foundation is and how much affect it has toward local North Carolina research. This link is a news video about where the money the Foundation is raising is going and how it is being used –> Susan G Komen Foundation. I think the Foundation has done so much for local communities in trying to find a better cure for this disease, and it is great to know that the foundation money is not being wasted. The Susan G Komen Foundation is willing to share their details on what they fund their money toward and it gives hope to the researchers and to the patients.

This week I read an article about group homes who helped autistic adults interact with the community. Many autistic adults and children who need special assistance end up in group homes, but it can take a long time on a waiting list for these people to get the help they need at autism grows in our society. In the group homes, they help autistic adults find easy jobs they can attend to, to make them feel a sense of responsibility. They teach them everyday activities and make them feel like a “productive member of society”. I enjoyed reading this article, because I have personally been around autistic teenagers, and the way people look at them is horrifying. They should not be discriminated against just because they are a little different. Autistic people are just as smart as any other person, and they are good people. I am glad these group homes are reaching out to the autistic community to make them feel like they belong to the general community and to make them feel apart of society. Autism is growing rapidly and needs awareness just as much as anything else in the world.